Fat Free Milk – A White Weapon

From early childhood we are taught that milk should not be absent from our diet, as it is a primary source of calcium. Today, however, this idea was shown to be only partially true – a truth that scientist in Harvard have questioned. Their conclusions is alarming, to say the least.

When we go to the supermarket we include milk on our shopping list. If we have a child who doesn’t tolerate the taste of milk, we chose cocoa milk. When we want to lose weight or go on a diet, we will blindly choose fat free milk, convinced that we made the best choice for our weight. But to be certain that we made the right decision, we should inform ourselves before buying a certain food and we should always carefully read the label.

Studies show that store milk can be harmful to our health because it is, many times, thinned with water. It is very possible that bottled milk contains antibiotics, analgesics and many other substances to extend its shelf life but not our life.

Some of us prefer, when children refuse regular milk to replace it with a sweetened version, that is, cocoa milk, hoping that they will benefit of the nutrients in the milk. Unfortunately, this is worst. Cocoa milk is full of sweeteners and sugars that will create an imbalance in the body, because the glycemic index will fluctuate depending on the quantity of sugar that we drink. Children get used to these sweetened beverages ending up by completely refusing a glass of natural milk because of the specific taste and aroma that they are not used to.

Fat free milk may also represent a potential risk to our health. When milk is emptied of fats it loses its taste. To compensate it, sugars, calcium supplements and other substances that are not naturally present in milk are added. So, in avoiding natural fats you end up ingesting artificial sugars which are harmful to much more than your weight: your heart, your blood vessels, your liver.

Pediatrician David Ludwig from Harvard recommends people with a nutritiously poor diet to have 3 glasses of natural milk every day but those with a balanced diet should taker milk out. Why is that? Because there are solid foods that contain 10 times more calcium than milk. For example: broccoli, kale, oranges, sardines, salmon, white beans, tofu, almonds.

It is important to learn and get informed in relation to the food we’re buying. An appropriate nutrition may provide us with the energy that we need and can positively impact our looks!


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