Home Detox That Will Improve Your Mood


We’re sure you’re up-to-date with all these detoxing trends that are invading your Facebook Timeline, all the so-Instagram-esque photos with healthy infusers and celebrities that made out an obsession with detox. But there’s more out there than healthy juices and cutting out the meal. Your mind can be toxic too, your home as well. The fact is that if you’re living in an urban area, like a metropolis or even a smaller city, you can’t be fully detoxified. This means you should live in a germ-free crystal sphere and touch nothing without gloves. Or maybe not.


If you avoid going straight home when you’re leaving the office because you just don’t feel good anymore in our own place, it’s time to make a couple litte changes that will make a big difference.

  1. Get rid of all the chemical based house-cleaning products. These products get in your clothes, in your organs (especially lungs and liver) and can cause asthma, skin rashes, allergies, hormonal disfunctions and the list can go further on. Start your home-detox by droping chemical-based cleaners and use istead some DIY ones made from baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice and hot water. You can even make your own laundry detergent to stop all the irritant agents from getting into your skin; you can turn to bio-home-cleansers too, but they are a bit more expensive. The next step is to stop using plastic containers and to invest some money into one of the following safest materials for storing food or liquids: glass, stainless steel or polypropylene. This way you will be sustaining the ecosystem as well as protecting your own health from diseases like breast cancer, premature labour, neurological difficulties and reduced fertility, which were linked to the Polyethylene Terephthalate, fertilizers and pharmaceuticals found in the well-known plastic bottles.
  2. We’ve all experienced at one point that sweet procrastinating moment when we didn’t feel like doing any housekeeping at all. There were some dishes to wash, some garbage to throw away, some pile of clothes lingering on the couch. This mess was bothering you for days and still…nothing happened. Well, you should know that making some space in your home/office also means detoxing. Actually, cleaning your home constantly is a way you can feel relaxed again in your own crib and letting some positive energies flow in the air could also clear your mind an let you focus on other thins you have to do. Experts recommend detoxing your home from all the stuff that is unnecesarry especially during an evening routine. You know, that amount of time you have from the minute you walk out of the office and right before you go to bed. Keeping a healthy evening routine is almost essential for your work flow for the next day. During your evening routine you can start making healthy habbits like cooking, reading, tiding your home, anything that can loosen you up after a hard work day and fill you up with happiness and optimism.
  3. Moving the furniture around in your home/office can have a very good impact on your happiness. It can feel like it’s a new place, the energies will change too and you can change your mindset into thinking it’s a new beginning, a new opportunity to start something you’ve been postponing for a while. Making some changes in your home is a good opportunity for you to decide what are the things you really need and start considering a giveaway of some clothes or other stuff you don’t use but others may find it useful. Sharing is caring, remember!
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