“Must”, “It’s Impossible”, “I’ll try” and other Tyrants

Lately I have been working a lot with young people. Students. Members in NGOs or student organisations. Some on their…

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10 Recipes for Guaranteed Unhappiness

How come we keep getting lost on our way to happiness and yet many of us are masters in the…

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What really motivates you?

You’re the lucky owner of a gym pass? You manage to be there as often as you wish? Sometimes you…

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How To Get Rid of Ruminative Thoughts

In modern psychology, rumination is described as “specific behavior” through which the human mind succumbs to negative thoughts. Those are…

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Urban Retreats

Where to go when you want to escape Bucharest right in the middle of the city? If you’re lucky, you’ll…

Ready, set, reSet!

It’s become a habit to deal with exhausting days and loud places that make us irascible and expose us to…


We all feel the need to munch on something at some point but we're not all trying to identify the…

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