The Art of a Beautiful Life

Ballet is with and about femininity. It sublimely teaches you to walk differently, smile differently, see differently. It doesn’t only build your body, but your elegance as well; it disciplines your mind and tames your spirit.

You might have never participated in a ballet class or you might have flirted, when you were little, with dancing. You might think you have no grace or that you are not fit, that you needed to be born like them for you to be a ballerina as well. Furthermore, your age doesn’t help you much and you wouldn’t make a fool of yourself at a ballet class full of young ladies with their thin waist.

If you find yourself in the lines above, read carefully the following. Today, ballet is available and widespread, from cinema halls transmitting international live shows, TV, Internet, gyms including ballet in their schedule. Corporations and multinationals provide their employees with the opportunity of taking ballet classes to increase their wellbeing.

This elegant sport has countless benefits for the body. First and foremost it works mentally, cultivating patience. Ballet can work wonders for people that have difficulties in focusing and self-discipline. Once music starts playing and the tip of your toes touch the floor, you won’t be able to stop anymore. This forces you to keep focused and finish the exercise. The good thing is that while you are caught in the beautiful series of exercises you won’t even realize that what you are actually doing is disciplining yourself. Ballet is also beneficial for people suffering of depression – it gives you the opportunity of socializing with other people, it can teach you to reach for perfection, it provides a break from all the rumination episodes specific to depression.

The slow, but firm and graceful movements of ballet will have unsuspected benefits on a back tortured by rigid sitting at the desk. Classical music that the ballet movements are practiced on are renowned for the way in which they relax the brain and trigger the happiness hormone release, serotonin, with immediate effects on stress.

As pointed out above, ballet has become, we may say, all present. It means that the gym next door might be offering ballet courses. With some guidance, ballet turns into a great practice for stress release and relaxation, and of cultivating the attention. It is that moment of the day when you pause and look after yourself.

The question many people should be asking themselves is: `What type of sport is suitable for me? You might have gotten a subscription at the gym but never completed it. You might have tried, yoga, Pilates, zumba and cycling. How about giving ballet a go now?


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