“Must”, “It’s Impossible”, “I’ll try” and other Tyrants

Lately I have been working a lot with young people. Students. Members in NGOs or student organisations. Some on their first job. Other interns in different companies. Beautiful, curious, intelligent, ambitious, willing to learn. Every time my workshops are an invitation to introspection. We talk about authenticity, emotions, personal values, mission in life. It’s a difficult exercise even for people more experienced, let alone…

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Home Detox That Will Improve Your Mood

  We’re sure you’re up-to-date with all these detoxing trends that are invading your Facebook Timeline, all the so-Instagram-esque photos with healthy infusers and celebrities that made out an obsession with detox. But there’s more out there than healthy juices…

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From fishery station to the Romanian Association for Food

It was the summer of 2014, and the sun was burning everything around. Together with the food safety inspectors from the Summer Command, a department in charge of checking all units at the seaside, we wanted to test the efficiency…

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